April 16, 2005

Evolution of a Linux User

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I got this pearl from my “Fortune of terminal opening” :)

Evolution Of A Linux User: The 11 Stages Towards Getting A Life

0. Microserf – Your life revolves around Windows and you worship Bill
Gates and his innovative company.
1. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt… About Microsoft – You encounter a growing
number of problems with Microsoft solutions, shaking your world-view
2. FUD… About Linux – After hearing about this new Linux thing, you
take the plunge, but are unimpressed by the nerdware OS.
3. Born-Again Microserf – You rededicate your life to Microsoft worship
4. Disgruntled User – Microsoft software keeps screwing you over,
and you’re not going to take it anymore!
5. A Religious Experience – You successfully install Linux, and are
left breathless at its elegance. No more Windows for you!
6. Linux Convert – You continue to fall in love with the new system
7. Linux Zealot – You dedicate your life to Linux World Domination…
and it shows! You go beyond mere advocacy to sheer zealotry.
8. Back To Reality – Forces out of your control compel you to
return to using Windows and Office
9. Enlightened Linux User – You become 100% Microsoft free after finding
ways to overcome the need for Microsoft bloatware
10.Get A Life – You become a millionaire after your Linux portal is
acquired; you move to a small tropical island and get a life

The nice thing is that this really happens to most of us. Well, ok, not step 10 (yet…). It seems to me that for me this will be only a 10 steps evolution. However, I feel I’m at step 9, using Gentoo Linux for 3 years non-stop after going through RedHat, Slackware, Mandrake and SUSE and I’m really happy about it. What about you?

Still in step one? Well… Join us!


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