April 20, 2005

Structured Lispy Syntax on SAT Competition

Posted in Lisp, SAT, Uncategorized at 11:16 pm by pmatos

I am just amazed to see the benchmarks posted on the SMT-COMP’05 homepage! And you know why?
Well, take a look at a benchmark, don’t you just recognize the syntax? :D Of course… it’s Lisp. Parsing it with Lisp would be a walk in the park. However, mostly due to the fact everyone thinks Lisp is not the fastest ‘language’… (and you can be sure we need the fastest in SMT-COMP) mostly all software is programmed in C or C++. Would this format provide an excuse for a team to use Lisp? I am curious about it.

Now, a question also comes to my mind. Even for those using C or C++, using Guile to parse the format and then passing it to C would be really nice I think. Oh well, let me just study this for the next few days and I’ll post more about this later…

Note: Note the ‘…’ surrounding “language” above. When I say most people think Lisp is not the fastest language, I mean most people think that current Lisp (Common Lisp, Scheme…) compilers do not generate the fastest executables.


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