May 23, 2005

If no more StarWars Episodes are released, miss them I will…

Posted in Life, Uncategorized at 7:55 pm by pmatos

I’ve seen the last episode of StarWars last Saturday, on the 21st, although I’m not crazy about StarWars I must say it was great and even if we don’t count with Episodes I, II and III, the other, released a long time ago changed the way a lot of people viewed cinema and influenced most of all well-known film makers. Aliens, Titanics, and Lord of the Rings film makers along with many other leave their comment on a DVD full of extras sold in . I must say this DVDs are remastered and their video and sound quality are superb.

I’ve also chosen my favourite StarWars quote which was said before his fight with the Emperor by Yoda:

If so powerful you are, why leave??

You can also search online for your favourite quote in the movies script.

Also, the very nice Language Blog comments on Yodas syntax with the nice post title: “Unclear of Yoda’s syntax the principles are, if any”.

Someone decided to create an online Jedi tournament where public would vote for the winning of the Jedi competitors… Well… it’s original and my favourite won! :D

Oh well, it seems this Jedi/StarWars-mania is returning, after some years of hibernation…


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