May 23, 2005


Posted in Scheme, Uncategorized at 7:42 pm by pmatos

I’m really, really glad to inform everyone that one of my scheme wishlist item and also one of my TODO item was accomplished. MzEFL arrived! Forged by the fingers of Bruno Deferrari, on the 22nd of May, 2005 he announced MzEFL.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) are the base libraries for E17 window manager. MzEFL are bindings to this libraries :D so that you can now write code in Scheme for E17. Nice, isn’t it? Thanks a lot Bruno! :)

[EDIT]: Oh well, on the first version of this post I had written Bruno Deferrati. Bruno immediatly corrected me. :)

Hehe, I’m glad someone is happy with it, when I mentioned it on
#edevelop I was told it was useless (well, not with that words), and
that I better spend my time writing documentation (well I know that
raster doesn’t like Scheme too much since the first time I mentioned
Scheme to him :P)

By te way:
– Its Bruno DeferraRi not Bruno DeferraTi
– I have been reading the blog, and I belive its a nice blog ;)
– You said that there aren’t a lot of schemers in your country, but..
I belive that I’m the only Schemer in my country!!! (Uruguay)

Well thats all.
Have fun.



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