July 22, 2005

Call for participation on an “Exposé” for E17

Posted in Programming, Uncategorized at 3:17 pm by pmatos

Call for Participation

In order to implement a functionality similar to Max OSX’ Exposé
(http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/expose/), we are looking for people
willing to contribute in any helpful way. In particular, the following
positions are open ;-)

– One or more project leader(s)

Deeper knowledge of the e-libs would be a requirement, also the general
management and organization of the project would be part of the task.

– Worker bees

People willing to contribute to the code, all different levels of
experience welcome.

– Testers

Even if you don’t feel ready to do some coding you may be a valuable
if you can take some time every once in a while to do code testing and
high quality feedback reports.

It’s not clear if this will eventually lead to a real (sub-)project, that
depends vastly on the reactions to this call. Therefore, please spread
call around, but don’t forget to point out that the primary coordination
point – until an own infrastructure has been set up – is the
user mailing list”:


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