July 22, 2005

PLT-Scheme 299.108 released

Posted in Scheme, Uncategorized at 3:18 pm by pmatos

MzScheme and MrEd are now version 299.108 in the SVN repository trunk.

The changes are related to Unicode and SRFI-75:

* Changed `char-lower-case?’ and `char-upper-case?’ to match the
Unicode “Lowercase” and “Uppercase” properties, instead of SRFI-13.

* Added `string-upcase’, `string-downcase’, `string-titlecase’,
`string-foldcase’, and `char-foldcase’.

* \U in strings and characters allows up to 8 digits (again) instead
of 6.

* In case-insensitive mode, symbols are case-folded instead
of downcased (usually the same thing, but not always).



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