July 31, 2005

Windows Vista and a “Vista” on Enlightenment

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Some days ago a “Windows Vista” thread started in e-users mailing list, which for those who don’t know is the users mailing list of the Enlightenment Window Manager/Desktop Shell (E16/17).
In those posts a link to a forum which posts Windows Vista snapshots, previously known by the codename Longhorn. Beta 1 is here and the snapshots are public and they are nice. However, M$ keeps babbling about good security features, and other “many” niceties which they always talk about which reminds me political campaigns. Windows however is all about usability anyway, which is what make windows what it is… however, in my personal oppinion it is losing points.

Linux is winning points every single day. As distributions get more and more friendlier, people start using Linux, which they do if they do not get scared. Most people I know think Linux is a bug some wierdos mess with. Well, it is not. Linux is stable (kernel 2.6), distros are friendlier and installations cannot be easier. Hardware installation is simple and most hardware is linux-compatible. And Linux provides stuff for the children and stuff for the adults, for experts and novices, you get distros for your needs, whichever they may be. Just choose wisely! The problem is the choice… you have all the freedom you want… you want linux? you get to pick the distro, the window manager, the cd recording application, the terminal, the browser, the mail sender, the internet messaging application, the office suite, … and the list goes on… and better… LOSE THE CRACKS. This is all free!! and developed by a bunch of people in their spare time which will, most of them, reply promptly to your feature requests and bug reports. I have chosen Gentoo Linux (after trying RedHat, SUSE, slackware, and Mandrake) and E16 (after KDE and Gnome). And it provides the best FOR ME. I’m sure most people tastes are different and that’s why Linux gives you the freedom to choose what’s best FOR YOU. One thing I know… you’ll get what you ask for with all the security features, niceties and other stuff a Linux Kernel 2.6 and Xorg provide. And yes, Linux can do real transparency and shadows and everything you love in the yet-to-come Windows Vista which is not a blasting high-tech Windows as I’ve already heard. It’s in beta 1, so by my calculations, with beta 2 next year, you’ll be able to get a first “usable” release in early 2007 which will provide a lots of bugs until the first SP1 or something which will be in mid-2007…???
Oh well, where will I be then? Where will Linux be then???
Right now, I can provide you with these snapshots takes right here, right NOW from my desktop running Gentoo, Kernel 2.6.11, Xorg 6.8.2, E16, Engage, Firefox, Gaim, Gkrellm, gv, Eterm and a nice background from rasterman. If you like this, wait a little bit more for a stable E17 and then… I’ll convince you! (Oh, and you’re thinking… da’hell, he doesn’t know Mac… well, you’re wrong but Mac is a completely different league)

Real Transparency and Window Shadows

Engage, a very nice bar by the Enlightenment team!

Well, I could talk a bit more about skippy/Expose2 or fade-out/in window but I’ll leave that for next time… Hope you feel Enlightened!



  1. I wonder if the transparencies are now real, or are still faked like some years ago.
    I used to love Enlightenment, but then I got a Mac. ;)
    I need to re-check E one of these days.
    Is there any trick or suggestion to enable those transparencies, if they are real ? Like which graphic card do you have, which drivers, any specific X setting, etc.

  2. pmatos said,

    Yes, they are indeed real! Available if you have Xorg 6.8.2, transset and xcompmgr. Using extension Composite and some other tricks you can get the effect even on window managers which do not support transparency by default. Check more info on:

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