September 2, 2005

MzGnome and MzDead

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Was just a few moments ago that I read with joy the mail posted to PLT-Scheme ML with the subject: “ANNOUNCE: mrdead & mzgnome”.

Finally, some of my prayers were heard. The mail read:

Daniel and I would like to announce mrdead, and mzgnome:

What is mzgnome?
Mzgnome is an implementation of gtk2 bindings for plt scheme.

What is Mrdead?
Mrdead is an implementation of the MrEd GUI toolkit interfaces built
those gtk2 bindings.

Why the name?
This PLT logo might give you a hint:

Where’s my screenshot?
Right here:

That’s cool! How do I use it?

Download the MzGnome project from SourceForge. In particular, do:

cvs login
cvs checkout mzgnome

then move the mzgnome directory to your “collects” directory.
(something like /usr/local/plt/collects, depending on your system)

Then, in your favorite Scheme environment (DrScheme), include the
(require (lib “” “mzgnome” “mrdead”))

You may then use the mrdead constructors frame%, dialog%,
button%, message%, etc..

The rest…
It is not a complete implementation. What *has* been written was written by
Daniel Silva and myself (Corey Sweeney). Enough has been written already to
run the “one dimentional spreadsheet” demo that has been included
(with some
possible crashes :). After you pull the files from cvs, you should
find a
README file in a subdirectory. Check it for more info.

Neither Daniel or I are working on this anymore. But hopefully our efforts
won’t go to waste. If you would like to pick up this project, contact (he can give you write access to the cvs). The code
should be fairly easy to extend.


Oh well, hopefully someone will put their hands dirty on the existent code. I would if I had more time… Not now but in a few months, who knows…


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