September 26, 2005

Fortune Of The Day

Posted in Fortune, Uncategorized at 9:03 pm by pmatos

This telethon isn’t just about helping disenfranchised geeks. We’re also here for the betterment of mankind through our research into finding a Cure for Windows.

Each day, millions of man-hours are wasted due to design flaws in Microsoft Windows. Each day, millions of dollars are sent by business and individuals like yourself into a huge black hole known as “Microsoft” for exorbitantly priced software products that should be free.

But don’t worry. We’ve almost found a Cure for Windows. Geeks worldwide have toiled endlessly for the past eight years working on a replacement operating system called Linux. It’s almost ready. Now we need to convince the world to use our creation and eliminate the virus known as Windows.

— Excerpt from Eric S. Raymond’s speech during the Geek Grok ’99 telethon held in Silicon Valley


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