November 8, 2005

Warming, Hurricanes… blablabla…

Posted in Life at 3:59 pm by pmatos

Be afraid, be very afraid … and cautions! World population should be very afraid. Everyday we see news of catastrophic proportions about global warming and its consequences. In Portugal each year, more forests get burned, there’s less rain, the prices of fuel is higher and higher, and in the America we got used to (in the last weeks, unfortunately) hurricanes destroying everything on site… We should be alarmed! It’s now the correct time to get worried. At least I hope more countries start to invest in climatology research, we are needing it… as well as we are needing fast a nice substitute for fossil fuels. An article in Universe Today is also alarming but we need to MOVE! DO SOMETHING… Or else, our grand^n children (for a not very big n) will suffer!


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