December 4, 2005

Excellent Marketing from Ubuntu

Posted in Computers, Linux, Uncategorized at 6:55 pm by pmatos

As a Gentoo user for a lot of years now, I’ve not been trying other distros but I’ve heard about the ‘end’ of RedHat and read how Fedora was born as well as a lot of other tales on Linux Distros. More recently there has been a lot of fuss about the Ubuntu Linux Distro and while reading an article online I noticed Ubuntu was shipping CDs free of charge and I though to myself “How is this possible???”. But it is true!!!

I could not resist the fact to ask for some, not only for my personal curiosity but also to distribute to my most eager students. I’m sure they will like a Linux CD at the end of the semester.
One thing I’m sure, it’s difficult to beat this kind of merchandising… Hope Gentoo opens its eyes ASAP.



  1. hav0x said,

    Gentoo ou qualquer outra distro popular a fazer a distribuição gratuita de cds é altamente improvavel. Só de pensar nos numeros dos custos (cd printing shipping) dá-me dores de cabeça.
    O caso do Ubuntu é muito especifico. Tem gente por traz a meter dinheiro naquilo sem esperar lucro. (O Sr Marc Shuttleworth é amigo =) )

  2. […] On the 4th December, almost a month ago I spoke about the marketing campaign of Ubuntu. The CDs have arrived today! […]

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