January 26, 2006

ash nazg durbatulûk…

Posted in Books, Movies at 4:02 pm by pmatos

ash nazg gimbatul
ash nazg thrakatulûk
agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

Only now was I able to watch all the extras on the extended version of the DVDs.

Even though the movies per se are awesome and incredibly well directed, the extras show up stuff you’d never be able to know if you didn’t see the extras. It is a must!

No, I’ve never read the books and that will be the next step since it seems I’ve missed a lot judging by what some people say when discussing books/movies.

Now, I’m searching for a high-quality publication of the “Lord of The Rings” and possibly the “Hobbit” (which I still hope a movie will be made). These should be in English, I’m not much of an adept of translations. So, if anyone has any suggestions I will be quite pleased to hear about them or just post a link to its amazon.co.uk page. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Der Blaue Reiter said,

    Just before the first film premiered in the theatres I decided I wouldn’t watch it before I read the 1st volume of the 3 book set (original version) I had bought at Feira do Livro in Lisbon some 8 or 9 years ago but never had the courage to start reading. However, I wouldn’t certainly have waited so long, if only I had had the faintest idea of the treasure I had burried in my shelf. The story is amazingly well conceived and written, and it is not hard to read, even though there’s quite some medieval english words which are all but straightforward. So, unless you’re lectured in these matters, keep your Webster’s around so that besides the story itself, it gives us some nice things English to learn. I reckon the version I have is from Phaidon, or some other known editor. They’re plain paperbacks, but that’s what it takes to carry them along with me to wherever I go (e.g. to the beach) without worrying about damaging a beautiful set. In my opinion, watching the first film definitely influenced the characters I had imagined from reading the first book, but the latter didn’t ever diminished in any way the former, nor is the opposite true. The perceived time is completely different. The story keeps it’s pace more “real-like” in the book, while in the film everything seems too fast and hurried, and of course they had to chop off a lot of scenes in order to fit the books on film. Buy the one that suits you better, but do read it! As to the Hobbit, I downloaded the audiobook and heard it some months ago (nice use to an mp3 portable reader- hear a book as you’re walking). It is different story, a shorter one, not as detailed and rich as the lord of the rings, but also nice.

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