February 1, 2006

Climate changes should warn us… but instead we think it’s fun!

Posted in Life at 10:18 am by pmatos

Indeed… it snowed last Sunday where I live near Lisbon, which was one of the most odd events I’ve ever faced since it hasn’t snowed around here for decades. The moment was a joy… Everyone went out of their houses to play with the icy snow which was falling everywhere. Parents took their kids to the yard and played with them, kids where happy and their parents too… and soon it was over. It snowed for no more than 30 to 60 minutes. Still, it snowed!

If you pay attention to nature, something is happening. I’m not an expert, and not even a beginner at climate changes or geophysics but remember the last couple of years. When was the last time we had a hard winter with lots of rain? When was the last summer in which we didn’t break a top-temperature record? No more rain… winters seem to get colder and summers are hotter. But it is not only Portugal… Look at the world, last year the United States was devastated countless times by hurricanes that were coming one after another almost non-stop… Katrina, Ophelia, and many others…
Years ago everyone talked about El Niño and everyone questioned what the hell it was… Just a strange warning from nature maybe or a coincidence, or something that had to happen. I don’t think we can ignore this stuff anymore.

I think Planet Earth is dying a slow death and nobody is taking drastic measures because this death looks like a dying smoker. He dies only a little every time so nobody notices… so there’s no real alarm until the day comes and there’s no much anyone can do. And this is the worse of deaths…


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