February 14, 2006

Match Point

Posted in Movies at 12:19 am by pmatos

Match Point

Plot Outline: Chris Wilton is a former tennis pro, looking to find work as an instructor. He meets Tom Hewett, a well-off pretty boy. Tom’s sister Chloe falls in love with Chris but Chris has his eyes on Tom’s fiancée, the luscious Nola. Both Chris and Nola know it’s wrong but what could be more right than love? Chris tries to juggle both women but at some point, he must choose between them…

Personal Comments:

Yesterday I went to the cinema and I knew what I wanted… I wanted Match Point. I’ve heard so many great things about it and its from the great Woody Allen… Couldn’t lose this!!! Well, I was right. The movie is excellent although a bit depressing. The movie is deep… it will make you think long after you get out of the theater.

One of the most important issues is if luck is a factor of life or if luck is just something you make up… I’ve heard “Luck is hard work…” Is it? Is it really? Indeed, hard work may bring you a lot of good and a lot of wealth and a lot of happiness but there are people that are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. What do you call that? Luck…

Although you surely should not rely on that to live, but it may help you when it comes… But that’s just me. Anyway, check out the movie. The plot is really interesting but expect tragedy!


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