February 17, 2006

Prostitutes banning GTA?!?

Posted in Life at 2:42 pm by pmatos

The world has gone crazy… first the cartoons and the whole problem with denmark, now prostitutes feel they are being harressed by GTA, what’s next?

You might way to read the source. Still, one of the most nice things are various humoristic/ironic comments you may find there. I’ll leave you with my favourites.

Anonymous Poster:
I was going to post a reply when I realized my brain was frozen by the concept…

“Sex workers” is such a silly name to begin with… looks like someone tried to make their job sound more professional on a resume. I will need to remember it…

… No officer I was not trying to pick up a prostitute. You see I was performing an interview to fill an openning at our office for a sex worker. The young lady here was just describing her qualifications and what compensations she expected the company to provide…..

Oh… you didn’t mean prostitutes you meant strippers and adult film industry…. oh…… you mean there is something in this game that hasn’t been suggested in one of their films or on stage a couple hundred times already??? You are kidding yourself if you believe it…..

It always infuriates me that groups can get away with what amounts to libel/slander against video games. And it works because (a) the game industry doesn’t actively defend itself; and (b) the general population doesn’t have any real understanding of what happens inside of the game. It is absolutely impossible in any GTA game to earn points for rape. The only rape that occurs in any of the games is alluded to as a component of the story; come on, folks, there are thousands of stories (movies, books, etc.) that depict the rape or murder of a prostitute. In this case, GTA is absolutely in the clear as the player in no way has any interactive control over the rape — i.e., it is purely narrative.

And in regards to the “murder” of prostitutes: all of the characters in the GTA worlds, including pedestrians, prostitutes, police officers, grandmas and rival gang members can be “murdered.” Prostitutes are in no way singled out.

I think they really should ban Tomb Raider for cruelty to animals. And Mario, ’cause it teaches kids to bang their heads against things, and jump on tortoises. Really, banning things has never worked, I mean look what happened when the BBC banned George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”.

I think that SETI should call for a ban on Space Invaders, as it accrues points to players for the depiction of the murder of extra-terrestrials.

and many others…


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