February 23, 2006

Mathemagical Meetings

Posted in Mathemagical Meetings, Mathematics at 11:14 am by pmatos

Being my girlfriend an avid student of Mathematics, with a strong and sexy inclination to Algebra and Analysis we both usually spend several hours talking about various subjects. From abelian monoids, groups, rings, hermitian matrices properties, semi-definiteness, other algebra and analysis niceties to algorithms like FourierMotzkin, Barvinok, OmegaTest, etc.

Lately we’ve even scheduled these meetings where we both meet to talk about Mathematics. These are appointed to every Saturday’s early in the morning. So, we have decided some things are terribly nice and ingenious for a wide audience. Things people cannot even imagine how nice it is… surprising results, beautiful theorems… so I will open a new series on this blog: “Mathemagical Meetings”

Hopefully every week you’ll have a summary with the nicest mathematics and computation we talked about that morning.

See you saturday then…


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