March 1, 2006

All songs…

Posted in Computers, Life at 8:28 pm by pmatos

A while ago I was talking with my brother about an external drive I saw at a computer shop which had 400GB of storage. It’s incredible, no doubt! Then he told me that nowadays there are iPods with 60GB and he saw on a show a guy saying he went to a shop and asked the clerk : “I’m sorry, how many song can this player carry.” It seems the clerk answered: “All songs…”, “All songs?”, he asked to the clerk, to which he replied… “Yes, all songs known to mankind!”

Even the story is nice one may ask, why so much storage space? Ok, iPod is much more than a simple MP3 Player but still… why? On iPod site it says it is able to carry 15000 songs, although if a MP3 can have 3Mbs, it would carry much more, something like: 20000 songs. Just to make sense of this number, if an album carries in average something like 14 songs, you’ll get 1430 albums in it. Wow!!!!…. Who has 1430 albums?, Who has the patience to transfer them to an iPod? Even after having all the songs there, you’ll have to recharge the player 58 times before you hear them all (if each song takes 3:30 min, and iPod is able to play 20 hours without recharging).

This is nuts! :)

I like 256MB MP3 Player… more than enough for the usual human being!


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