March 2, 2006

Aeon Flux

Posted in Movies at 12:10 am by pmatos

Aeon Flux

Plot Outline:Aeon Flux is a mysterious assassin working for the Monicans, a group of rebels trying to overthrow the government. When she is a sent on a mission to kill the “chairman” a whole new mystery is found.

Personal Comments:

I went to see this one last saturday night, and I was expecting something with some nice fight scenes and not much more. Still, I got amazed, I deep and interesting subject came up. If you want to know nothing more stop here!

So, you kept reading… the deep and interesting subject of cloning comes up really unexpected and it was treated brilliantly on my opinion. One of the most interesting things that come up is: Can cloning really makes us immortal? Sometimes the media, sends the message that immortality can be achieved through cloning. Still that seems a fallacy to me!
If you can’t keep your memories/experiences/knowledge between ‘different’ lives, it won’t be ‘you’ in the real sense of the work. It will be someone just like you but it won’t be you. I would not be more more comfortable about death even if I knew I would be cloned. For anyway… it would not be me… myself!

That’s one reason why complete human cloning seems to make no sense at all to me. The usual example of cloning a lost relative/son is not a good excuse. A new one, even if different would be the same… would be a new one. Cloning the lost one would not bring the lost one back, would only recreate an equal one.

For those more interested in equality testing in software, this cloning aspect has stupendous similarities with it. Equality is a very ‘hard’ concept in software. I can say the 2 == 2 or that vector(2,3,4) == vector(2,3,4) but this will much probably in the latter case return in false, since vector function will generate a new vector. Surely they are ‘equal’ to one another… but they are not the same. And that’s usually what equality testing means in software with complex structures except if implemented otherwise. In cloning the same aspects arise… There may be 2 equal things which are not the same… and those are the cloned subject.

Back to the subject! It’s a movie worthwhile of a night and I recommend CastelloLopes cinemas in LouresShopping!


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