March 7, 2006

Fortune Of The Day

Posted in Fortune at 4:17 pm by pmatos

In this world some people are going to like me and some are not. So, I may as well be me. Then I know if someone likes me, they like me.



  1. Mário Lopes said,

    I find it to be a very insightful quote. There are lots of people that fear having enemies. There’s only one way of avoiding them: avoiding yourself! Stop expressing feelings and opinions and stop being party to anything you may like or believe it is correct!

    This approach leads to a zero contribution to the Society. But hey, you’ll get rid of enemies.

    Truth: anyone on this hearth who stands a position (regardless of which) will have friends and enemies. You’ll be doing a good thing if you have more friends than enemies and that should be your main worry: seeing if you’re doing a Good Thing!

  2. pmatos said,

    Words of wisdom… ;)

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