March 12, 2006

Chess Minority

Posted in Chess at 7:13 pm by pmatos

Here’s a new category for us all… I’ve been meaning to create a new category on the blog about chess but having little time these days and no easy way to typeset chess boards have delayed me. No more! My current solution for posts on this category will be to generate png images from pgn files so that I can get nice boards to the blog. I would hope there would be a plugin for wordpress but found nothing. If you happen to know about anything please comment or contact me…

I’ll be preparing the first post on chess this week… Hope to be posted in a week… And by the way, I’m sorry for the delay on the posts for Mathemagical Meetings and other issues. I have about 23 posts on stack to get finished but I’ve been really busy lately. Hopefully I’ll be free in April… :)



  1. What do you mean by typesetting chessboards: writing them as text (like a list of piece-position) and have them transformed to the image of the board?

    I think it isn’t very difficult to accomplish with GD, and, after that, it is even less difficult to turn it into a WordPress plugin.

  2. pmatos said,

    Hummm, thanks for the tip but I was really trying to find something already done. I don’t have time to lose with this right now… Maybe next month if I don’t find I better one until then… Cheers!

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