April 1, 2006

Green Day threats to sue Minority Blog

Posted in Life at 2:43 pm by pmatos

Hi all,

Is this freedom at all? Hell! I don’t even like GreenDay… however, I received a letter on my postal mail, last thursday, from their lawyer with what it seems to be a threat to me because of the name of the blog. It seems they have a very popular song called Minority and they seem to think I’m using the name Minority (from their song) for my own social and economic benefit.

As a result I’m thinking of a new name and open for suggestions… Please do comment!



  1. nuno said,

    its really weak of you to change the name because of something so stupid as this!

  2. nuno said,

    ..and get inspired ;)

  3. Call it “The Majority Blog” and, as sub-title, use “the ones that hate Green Day”. ;)

  4. andr3 said,

    I wonder if they’ll sue Steven Spielberg for his Minority Report. It’s a shameless example of someone taking advantage of such a rare word in the english language.

    It’s like Virgin sueing everyone who uses the word Virgin, or Apple sueing Chris Martin for his daughter’s name. Corporate law is worse than kindergarten, so imature.

    If it didn’t involve money being spent on lawyers I’d say stick with the one you have now… bah.. suckers. And i kind of like their music up until the last record, which sucks, indeed.

  5. Err…april 1st…

  6. […] With the intention to entertain you all on April 1st I posted Green Day threats to sue Minority Blog on this blog. […]

  7. pmatos said,

    Thanks all for participating with comments on the April 1st post in this blog. :)

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