May 7, 2006

New Blogging Rules… Blogosphere getting dangerous!

Posted in Life at 7:08 pm by pmatos

Unfortunately, I’ll be changing the rules for Minority Blog comment posting!

There are already about 100 comments a day generated by spam bots which I have to review and delete mixed with user comments. User comments are low but still sometimes I get in between, user spam comments! Hell, I understand that bots do spam! They are programmed for it, it’s the only thing they do know about, spamming! However, I cannot conceive people who send spam posts just to play with me and make me lose my time, and worse, these cowards send anonymous posts!

So, from now on, you’ll have to register to the blog to post. You’ll have to insert your email and you’ll get a password (this is all managed by WordPress, of course) . Afterwards you can post whenever you want!

Hope spamming is reduced and user spamming gets too rare to be noticed or to bore me! I’m sure you’ll also understand.


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