May 10, 2006

Site, PLT-Scheme and WebIt!

Posted in Programming, Scheme at 5:19 pm by pmatos

Just to announce my new website (static content) at the usual URL but this time 100% generated with scheme code using Webit! and PLT Scheme. I designed a structure that will help me to generate as many sites as I possibly want. The page online is still missing a lot of personal info and there are still some dead links but the structure is there. Thanks to Noel for the SchemeUK site which provided some ground to learn Webit! basics and for the design which is the main design for my
site with minor modifications. Although not yet announced on the site (it will be), you can get the code directly used to generate the site with darcs:
darcs get

In fact, you’ll get all sites I’m developing, currently 2. There are not many comments since the code in this case is simple and almost self-explanatory. Still, if you wish some comments on it just ask me.


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