June 3, 2006

File Dialog in PLT Scheme

Posted in Scheme at 12:30 am by pmatos

The file dialog in PLT Scheme which you can access through the get-file function was changed by Eli as announced recently in the PLT Mailing List. I have taken some time to witness the changes which happened somewhere between SVN 3117 and SVN 3191. The file dialog seems to be much more flexible and friendly. The vertical structure is, in my personal opinion, nicer. Furthermore, the path which shows up in the top text-field is ‘clicable’ which means that you can click it on it to go up as many directories as you may want. Briefly, it is very nice! Thanks, Eli!

I’ll leave you with two snapshots. One from the SVN 3117, with the old file dialog and the more recent SVN 3191 showing off the most recent file dialog.

SVN 3117 (click to enlarge):

SVN 3191 (click to enlarge):


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