July 2, 2006

Bye, bye Portugal

Posted in Life at 4:55 pm by pmatos

Nope… not about the World Cup… Hopefully not!

I’ve received last Monday some awesome, terrific, excellent news. I’ll be moving…
I’ll be leaving Instituto Superior Técnico and I’ll start research work in the School of Electronics and Computer Science of Southampton University at Southampton, United Kingdom. :-)

I’ve heard the food is terrible but all the rest if very good. I’ll be there for at least three years, I’ll be packaging stuff in the next month and I’ll move in September. It’ll surely be a nice adventure with lots of interesting stuff to learn. I’ll be, whenever possible, posting stuff related to this change in my live.

You can also find some nice reviews of Southampton and Southampton University in the Wikipedia.



  1. LSantos said,

    Congrats! :) and good luck

  2. A said,

    You’ll be doing your PhD in what?

  3. pmatos said,

    Thanks LSantos.

  4. pmatos said,

    PhD will be in Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT). Architectures for combination of theories in SMT and optimization techniques.

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