July 3, 2006

Can’t run… can’t hide!

Posted in Life at 2:43 pm by pmatos

Today an asteroid will just pass by the earth… These are the kind of stuff not much people care about and it won’t affect their daily lives.

However, nothing stops one from really crashing into the earth and if sufficiently big it might cause some damage. There are some reports of predicted crashes in 2029 and 2022… What would we really do it this becomes a serious threat? This is an interesting question. I’ve found a couple of links to this issue and to Apophis, the asteroid which will come very, very, very… stupidly close to earth in 2029 or 2036.

If you want to compute the damage it could make there is a nice simulator [ref].

NASA even gathers a list of the Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.



  1. João Mota said,

    The best solution I could find to stop this menace was this

  2. Optik said,

    hmmm… what if the entire world lean to the left .. can we dodge it???

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