July 10, 2006

Global Warming “possible solution” wins NIAC Award

Posted in Life at 9:40 am by pmatos

Some months ago I posted on global warming and I fortunately see today a possible solution to this.

I don’t have the slightest idea of the work needed to implement such a proposal, still I understand it’s huge.
Still, non-technical considerations are in order. As one might notice this solution will allow us to continue sending carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, so instead of reducing the cause to the initial problem this proposal allows us to keep the cause solving the problem so it seems to be not so a solution but a workaround. I understand that it would be very hard/improbable/impossible to lower the carbon dioxide sent to the atmosphere but shouldn’t that be the good solution? Implementing laws and rules so that one had to lower the emissions of CO2?

This reminds me of the commonly accepted solution today for fat people: Lipoaspiration. This is the same type of proposed solution as I see it in the short term. Kind of worries me that this proposal might bring more harm than good, but yet again, I don’t have the slightest idea of the technicalities and theory behind this…


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  1. I am not an expert of any sorts on this subject, but this idea seems to have a little flaw in it.

    Sure, if you reduce the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, you will lower the planet’s average temperature, thus reducing the impact of the greenhouse effect of the CO2 emissions. BUT, lowering the amount of solar radiation will surely have a negative impact on vegetable life and growth, wich will lower its capacity of CO2 absorption, increasing the greenhouse effect AND, as a side effect, possibly causing famine all over the world.

    The problem is not the amount of radiation reaching the Earth. It’s the part of it that should be reflected to space that gets imprisoned by the excess of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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