July 28, 2006


Posted in Movies at 10:25 am by pmatos


Plot Outline:On New Year’s Eve, the luxury ocean liner, Poseidon, capsizes after being swamped by a rogue tidal wave. The survivors are left to fight for survival as they attempt to escape the sinking ship.

Personal Comments:

Some may not be aware but this is a remake of The Poseidon Adventure from 1972. I must say I’ve not seen the one from 1972 but this starts of as a Titanic’06 and then as soon as the ship turns up-side down and everything starts to collapse there is nothing but speed. This nice group of people sticks together so that they can get free and then each one of the will die until a subset of them gets saved. Same idea, different story. Unfortunately there are a lot of glitches and unbelievable stuff which just turns you off. If you shut your mind off before entering, everything will go well, other wise you’ll leave severely disturbed by seeing a movie where a guy is sucked into a huge fan at a high speed, gets caught by a window (which also holds in position a gas tube) and doesn’t break his spine.


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