September 11, 2006

9/11 : What’s the truth?

Posted in Life at 2:56 pm by pmatos

Ever since the 9/11 we’ve been fed with a theory which was accepted by most: Bin Laden from Al Qaeda planned the attacks and successfully killed thousands of human beings and destroyed a whole lot of things worth in the order of a lot of million dollars. Well, that’s what I believed, and that’s what most believe, besides those which propagate conspiracy theories, which are those who usually have a minority of supporters.

Yesterday, I’ve seen hours of documentaries in Portuguese channel RTP1 and I was amazed. The documentaries briefly proposed that: the planes were not hijacked by the people the US Gov told us, these people which were communicated by the US Gov are still alive (some of them). The twin towers didn’t fell by the crash of the airplanes. They were imploded instead! There were people warned before the 9/11 attacks not to fly on that day. The pentagon explosion was not a commercial airplane. United 93 didn’t crash where everyone thinks it did… And I could continue.

Problem is… what’s the truth? Probably we will never know… However, the real question is: what should we believe? In fact, why is what I saw yesterday the truth? Why should we believe that the truth was what Bush wanted to publicize? If the US Gov made us all believe in a lie for so long, why do we hurry ourselves to believe on other documentaries which just show us a completely different perspective of what happened?

I have not delve deeply into these theories, nor have I read about them but if I really wished to understand them I think I’d not just stay for the documentaries and Bushs words… A lot of theories should be read, the facts should be analyzed by ourselves and then, with many perspectives, the facts, photos and documentaries, one should develop its own theory. Because the truth… we will, probably, never know!



  1. Well, what I saw was a small amount of sensible arguments mixed with a lot of bullshit. For example, it may very well had been a missile that hit the pentagon (it would be an embarassment for the US military to have a missile stolen and lauched against their own HQ, so they would cover it up if possible), or that Bin Laden footage where the guy just didn’t look like Bin Laded at all, but to mix that with the preposterous idea of the towers being demolished on purpose… well, that’s just unthinkable.

  2. Dehumanizer said,

    Carlos: not that unthinkable. Did you know that they had a similar plan during the Cuban missile crisis, and it wasn’t put into action only because Kennedy rejected it? They were going to *bomb their own people* and blame it on the Soviets!

    Besides, who benefitted from 9/11? Muslims? I don’t think so. The Bush administration? Certainly. Without 9/11, they wouldn’t be in power since 2004, there would have been no wars since then, no PATRIOT act, no climate of fear, less religious fundamentalism…

  3. It isn’t unthinkable that someone may have thought about implementing such a evil plan, there are some twisted minds out there… It is unthinkable that they could pull it off in such a flawless manner. A plan like this would require quite a lot of equally twisted and unscrupolous people* engaging in a very complex sequence of actions…

    Besides, spreading fear amongst the masses doesn’t require something like this, it only requires a small amount of bombings (with no need for massive casualties), a hand full of terrorist arrests, and *lots* of media coverage (which was exactly what they wanted to do in the Cuba situation). Instill some paranoia, point some fingers, and the people will let you do whatever you want. Just look at all the “avian flu” frenzy… A small number of people die with it in countries like China or Indonesia, with obscenely large populations, and people go mad like there’s an epidemic going wild… I mean, you have a bigger chance to be hit by lightning twice in a month, than to die from avian flu… But did that stop anybody?

    There are a lot of lies in all of this 9/11 thing, but jumping from that into a full blown government conspiracy is just ludicrous.

    * Terrorists fit this profile, but they aren’t killing their own, they are killing their “enemies”. To kill your own people is far more twisted and evil…

  4. “Terrorists fit this profile, but they aren’t killing their own, they are killing their “enemies”. To kill your own people is far more twisted and evil…”

    That was true until the Pol Pot era of terror has begun.
    Recently we have several cases of this behaviour in Africa.

    Ah, and Yugoslavia, of course.

    This twisted and evil cases – people killing their own people – are now very common and is the biggest challenge for th UN ever.

  5. André said,


    Believe in what you want to see.

    The man was not on the moon, there was not thousands of victims in the planes of September 9, usa destroyed World Trade Center and their self Pentagon!!! and just for fun shoot the plane with hundreds of people in Pennsylvania, Bin Laden is personal friend of Bush, SuperMan exists, the Katrina hurricane was also planned just to create panic, the economy of usa is growing up with terrorism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Saddam was a nice guy, Talibans were members of Unicef, Hezbollah just wants to help Lebanon, the terrorism in Spain, England, Indonesia… was made by USA, we are perfect, americans are the bad guys, they shouldn’t enter in WW II we were much better as a URSS republic or better as a federal province of Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy… and it never ends…

    I don’t like Bush, the guy is stupid and I’m against consumism life style and monopolies like many other things in the US but I prefer to be racional instead of extremist and “blind”.

    But in this capitalistic system we have one thing good at least… we have freedom of thought so I end as I started: “Believe in what you want to see”.


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