September 17, 2006

Homework… a myth?

Posted in Life at 2:45 pm by pmatos

My answer is NO! Although in fact, the title of the article is The Myth About Homework I don’t think that’s the point of the article.

First, it seems statistics reflect homework results for lowers academic years (children around 10-12 y.o). Nothing is mentioned about higher academic years (teenagers around 13-18 y.o.), that would also be nice. Also, two solutions are discussed.

In my opinion there’s obviously a correct amount of homework to give kids to do. It seems to be that 30min. a day would be OK. Note that 30min. is almost nothing… I’m was quite surprised about the numbers presented in the article: 52-128min. / week. Kids need to stress their brains, they need to catch up and smash todays ‘natural’ lazyness. They are surrounded with TV’s, PlayStation’s, PC’s, etc, etc… It’s quite hard to sit them down and tell them what to do when so many other things are asking them not to work. Working is hard and it is even harder when you have many other nicer things to do. If you live in a house with nothing to do except maybe some homework, house-cleaning, etc, I’m quite sure the kid would love to do its homework. Problem is, today that’s not the case and as time goes by, new things are invented to tell them not to work. My guess is, as they are told they need to brush their teeth, they also need to be told they need to do their homework. However, that’s another story since most of the time parents are not at home in the afternoon to tell them what to do and they are usually raised by their grandmother or by a maid. If you tell me… “But they are given so much workload… they can’t complete it… it’s too much.” Well, I can guess what goes by the teacher’s mind. If the teacher gave them 2 exercises, they would probably not do them. Yes, that’s right, they wouldn’t. It’s a question of not having much to do… the less you have to do, the less you achieve. If the teacher gives them 10 exercises, they will probably try to do at least 2 exercises which was the initial intent, however the parents feel their kids being pressed with a lot of workload but that was the only solution for the teacher to see something done! Well, just my five cents… still removing the homework completely for me is just non-sense.


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