September 18, 2006

Wii to the Gaming World

Posted in Life at 1:07 pm by pmatos

I’m a video game fan, although not an addict. I can usually stay a month of heavy work without playing… and I can also spend 6 or more straight hours playing a game I like during a work-free afternoon. It depends…

I think I’ve had most of the consoles up until recent years. I remember as if it was yesterday starting with NES, followed by Super NES, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Mega CD, Saturn, PlayStation and PlayStation 2. However, the ones which I remember most dearly are surely NES and Mega Drive. These were great, really, really good. I’m still expecting another breakthrough but it hasn’t arrived yet.

For a couple of years now my will has been turned on to PS3. I was eager to get it… however, XBox was out, XBox 360 was out, and yet… PS3 seems far way… sent me an email last September 9th:

You may be aware that Sony has postponed the launch of the PS3 in Europe until March 2007 due to a shortage of Blu-ray components.

I’m getting more and more bad feelings about this… Although I would bet in Sony to win the VideoGames industry a year or two ago, I’m definitely not betting on it now… Wii seems to be coming and now I want Wii… which after all seems to be a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii to the VideoGames world. just sent me this email a two days ago:

That’s right, gaming fans, Nintendo will release their latest console in the UK on December 8th–priced at a jaw-dropping £179.99 with the excellent Wii Sports game. Next-generation gaming really doesn’t get cheaper than that!

I’ve read some blog entries on it some time ago but didn’t read much more. Now, I decided to give it a bit of my time and it seems to be a real change, a real revolution…
Now, I just keep remembering how great it was to play The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Faxanadu and SuperMario and I just which I can play those again and the new generation versions… :-)

I’m truly sorry Sony… but on this console generation I’ll bet on Nintendo Wii!


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