October 9, 2006

UK Banks

Posted in Life at 10:25 am by pmatos

First thing one needs as you arrive in a country for living is a bank. A place where you can have your money securely and without much worries. Well, I had that problem, so I just had a go on todays simplicity to communicate and sent and email to the 4 major banks here in Southampton, UK: Lloyds TSB, Natwest, Barclays and HSBC. Furthermore, I sent the email on a saturday, August 26th, 2006! :-)

So here’s the email I sent for each bank through their online forms for support:


I’m a Portuguese citizen, which will move to Southampton UK, in the start
of October for a PhD in Southampton University. I’ll need to open a
current account. I’d like to know if I can apply to the Students account
or not (since I’m a postgraduate student). Moreover, I’d like to know
which documents I should take to open a current account.

My Best Regards,

Paulo Jorge Matos

I received prompt, non-automatic replies from each bank! By order of arrival:

  • Natwest – 30 min. after request for support;
  • HSBC – little less than 24 hours after request support;
  • Lloyds TSB – 30 hours after request support;
  • Barclays – little less than 48 hours after request support;

In fact, it is nice to see that it is not that hard to open a bank account, however, due to the documentation I need from university, it is taking me a bit longer. In what follows I’ll post the reply from each bank. Still, I wonder what would be the results for the same experience with Portuguese banks. Maybe CGD, BPI, Millenium BCP, BES and Totta…

(Unfortunately, although that was my initial intention, I’ll not be able to post the bank replies due to the non-disclosure text in the end of the email, still if you’re curious, I’ll send you a private copy.)



  1. Nuno said,


    You forgot Abbey bank (www.abbey.com). They’re associated with Santander, a connection that might be useful should you decide to buy a house for holiday or retirement in sunny Portugal (or Spain) :)

  2. pmatos said,

    Thanks a lot! Are you sure about connections with Santander? For example, Barclays.co.uk share no information with Barclays.pt.

    Still, a disadvantage for me with that bank is that there’s no office in Highfield campus, here in Southampton.

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