October 11, 2006

The God Delusion (by: Richard Dawkins) [Part 1]

Posted in Books at 8:34 pm by pmatos

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Personal Comments:

First of all, I just got this book two days ago and I read the first hundred pages or so and couldn’t help but to make some first comments on it.

What an eye opener! Since I’m a convicted atheist, it is indeed interesting to note that I get extremely amused with this book. It’s not easy to say the things Dawkins is able to say in the way he says it. A lot of wit is there on his words, powerful ‘bombs’ head to the faith of those of believe in God.

You might think a lot of things about this book when you hear what people say but there’s no way to evaluate its content without reading it. It’s an easy read where you can just feel the conviction of the author and his writing wizardry. Every potential reasons you might have against the book will just vanish in the initial chapter. He prepares the ground in the beginning very well, so that he can later lay the foundations of what he believes to be true. He though ahead of all of us about the misconceptions that we might have about the book by hearing from other and explains them. It just seems he is on your mind.

The general idea is that you can’t prove God existence or inexistence but surely the probability for and against him are not 50%. He references a lot of works and texts during the book and explains why believing in God has no more reason than to believe in Fairies in the Garden or something like that. For those who are theist, agnostic or deist, (or even atheist) here’s which deserves a read. In you head is about to fall a bomb so fast you won’t notice and the next time we speak you’ll surely be a different person but watch out… you just can’t stop reading!



  1. José Canelas said,

    There’s a good interview with Dawkins at salon.com (http://dir.salon.com/story/news/feature/2005/04/30/dawkins/index.html) where he touches on a few of his points in the book.

  2. pmatos said,

    Thanks a lot for the reference, I’ll give it a good read soon.

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