October 26, 2006

My View on PhD

Posted in Life at 9:57 am by pmatos

Well, It has been a while since I officially started my PhD (20 days) to be exact. However, I’ve have this post on top of my ‘posts-to-write’ stack for about a month.
In these 20 days I’ve not changed my view much on doing a PhD but I have had already training in “Library Resources”, “Introduction to Demonstrator Training” (similar to assistants in Portugal) and “Methodologies and Ethics of Research” (which is as you might guess, quite nice, in Portugal I would have nothing like this…). In fact, the PhD aim is to “extend science with a new discovery and publish it”, however, to me (at least in my conditions) will be much more. Since I have the unfortunate fact of being far from my dear ones in Portugal, I might also have some of the bonuses… the fact that I’m completely by myself 24/7.

So, my PhD will be on extending not only science but a lot of work on my free-time. I’ve spent a lot more time over the Scheme programming language, KDE4 application development, and I’ve also done some extra study. I’ve been studying some excellent Mathematics mainly in Lattice Counting over Multidimensional Objects, Number Theory and Algebra which are really, reeeeeeally nice (specially the former)!

Basically, PhD is not only about extending science after all, but more probably on extending your horizons… on science! :) Fortunately, not every does a PhD or it would make it meaningless, still knowing that you have bunch of years just for you to work, with no schedules, no limits, etc, on something you really like is just absolutely awesome. I do recommend it! :)



  1. Diiiana said,

    A Blog for a Minority… so true that probably it is only read by the author himself …… então, porque tens alguns posts a requer password??!! não é justo! de qualquer forma, eu, que faço parte da tal minoria que quer muito ler o que escreves, peço passe livre… sim?! dou um chocolate!

    boa sorte por aí,

  2. pmatos said,

    Ola Diana,

    Bom alguns posts, teem e facto password. Sou capaz de remover a password de alguns a teu pedido mas outros, alguns dos quais na ‘For your eyes only’ sao questoes privadas de foro intimo que eu preferia nao publicar nesta altura… mas quem sabe um dia. Seja como for, a maior parte do que escrevo nao deixa de ser publico.

    Obrigado pelo apoio,

    Paulo Matos

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