November 10, 2006

Amazon, I’m sorry…

Posted in Life at 11:35 am by pmatos

As you may know if you read my other thread on this, missed a book from one of my orders…

Well, let me create some context here! I’m living in a recently built building in an accommodation hall and they have not created copies for the mailbox keys so there are these pigeon holes marked by characters where mail is delivered, and then you may get your mail from the pigeon hole corresponding to the first letter in your surname.
When there’s a parcel, you just have a note in your pigeon hole and collect the parcel from the reception.

Yesterday I received the replacement book from (took 1 day to arrive). When I was about to collect it I saw a book just like I ordered in the middle of the other parcels. I’ve said to the guy what would that be and he said it was a book which fell from one parcel and they didn’t know to whom it belong. So, to make a long story short… Sorry Amazon…. Amazon didn’t miss the book… Somehow the book fell and I only received 2 item instead of three.

I was about to say that it was the first time Amazon missed an item… but it seems it wasn’t. Amazon has never failed me and for that I thank for its service.
This is even more astonishing on how they handled this issue. By knowing that they rarely fail sending items they could just say it was 99% my problem and that they would not send another. Instead, they sent another book without questioning, in First Class mail and it arrived in one day. Well, if you have any experience about other companies which handle this issue with the same elegance Amazon did, I would be glad to know about it!



  1. Nuno Barreto said,

    Yes, Amazon has a super service. One time a package I had ordered got lost, and they sent me another one no, questions asked. And later, somehow the first package got back to amazon, and they sent me a thank you note.

  2. Mário Lopes said,

    Well, I had another astounding experience with Amazon.

    I once made an order for three books that should have arrived in 22 business days. After 35 business days I contacted Amazon and they declared the shippment as lost and refunded all the money. Two weeks after I finally received the books. I then contacted Amazon explaining that I had received the books and was due to pay them back. They did not accept the payment back…

    They won a client for the eternity and someone who’s willing to spread how great Amazon is!

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