November 13, 2006

Prospectus Music

Posted in Life at 3:54 pm by pmatos

Well… Just came from a Jazz concert. What a show!

I was never much into jazz, partially by the fact that I was never really introduced to it. However, University of Southampton (UoS) Music Department arranges weekly concerts. Today was Bastien Terraz jazz and his band Prospectus. Apart from most of them being Masters of Music (graduated from UoS) they even allowed some Music students to play with them and these students were really up to the tests. It was a very nice concert… and it was free! The room was full! Full of teenagers and lecturers (some but not all from the Music Deparment).

Each time I think about it, I’m just glad to be at University of Southampton… This is, in fact, what a University is all about.

Once during the concert it just came to me this funny thought: “I would love to be able to program, as they are able to play all together.”
Every instrument seemed to fit the overall tune so well. The melody was so good to hear. This contrasts with some code I write and read. Usually it is not smooth. It is harsh! It is hard to find what’s the the interface of a given module, it’s hard to read it’s implementation… definitely not like the music I heard today. It is very, very hard to find good code to read… and that’s unfortunate.



  1. pedro mg said,

    well, the hackdays are the coders approach to a jazz band jamin’.
    I do not know the quality of that particular jazz band, but maybe, just maybe, there is at least one other jazz band in the world that can allow to say that was a not so good performance :)
    Factors like experience, team integration, training, respect for standards, contribute to a better hacking experience, and wishfully better results. Don’t you think ?

  2. pedro mg said,

    but i really must emphasize the coolness of the experience you lived, and probably live weekly. And free… wow! When will pt go up to that level ? Enjoy your times there :)

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