December 13, 2006

The move…

Posted in Life, Photos at 11:21 pm by pmatos

Due to the fire on Mountbatten building last year, a lot of stuff changed here and a new building was built for us. Mountbatten was demolished and in its place a new shiny building is being built in its place.

I cannot possibly leave this go on without showing it up. The new building to which I just moved yesterday is just awesome. Open space for PhDs divided into 4-person or 6-persons bay, offices for academics, 4 floors, huge coffee room, seminar rooms, free spaces with sofas for discussions, cosy environment, nice server rooms and high security with entrance and exit only enabled by security cards to every door.

It’s really very nice! And I leave some a photo of it from the outside before I entered it the first time… yesterday morning!

And now some blurred photo of my corner at the new building.

By the way, the machine you’re seeing is a very very very nice machine which I bought with the money Southampton University offered me as a PhD student for research products.
I was installing Gentoo 2006.1 on this Intel Pentium D EM64T technology, 2 cores at 3.4Ghz, 4 Gb RAM, 320 Gb SATA hardrive, DVD/CD reader/writer combo, card readers, external IDE interface and a GeForce 7600GS graphics card. The monitor is excellent, a 19” Samsung 920N.


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  1. Gopi Ravindran said,

    nice computer man. although avoid pentiums. i 2 hav a pentium d. its super fast. but if u want supersupersuper^super fast then u need core 2 duo. its same price nearly. only AUD$100 more. assumin ur in US then thats like 60 bucks.

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