February 5, 2007

The Novice (by: Trudi Canavan)

Posted in Books at 10:28 pm by pmatos

The Novice by Trudi Canavan

Personal Comments:

Indeed… Trudi Canavan is surely making you breathless after reading the first two books of this awesome trilogy. In fact, there’s not much to say without spoiling those which might read it. Let me tell you that in this story you have thrill, you have action (more than in the first book) and surely _a lot_ of suspence. In fact, it is the mystery, the suspense (one of the facts why “The Da Vinci Code” is also quite good) that makes you keep reading even though you should be already sleeping hours ago… That’s why, you just look at the clock and you say to yourself “Oh, one more chapter…” And this keeps happening chapter after chapter… and in the end of the book you have a major mystery on the line… and argh, you then have to buy the next book to know how the story will unfold! Comparing with the first this book had more action, mainly due to the first part of the first book being somewhat boring at times. This book is all action, mystery, suspence, thrill and unfortunately you devour the almost 600 pages very fast and you are only left with the third book… Well, at least you still have one! In regard to the story about magicians, the fact that it is about magicians doesn’t mean you get to ‘see’ a lot of magic happening. I would compare it with the magic you get to see in the lord of the rings. Although you have magicians in the trilogy you also don’t get to see a lot of magic… but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t great… right on the contrary!


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