February 22, 2007

Muslim girl loses case… girl wins the case!

Posted in Life at 2:38 pm by pmatos

Regarding this issue, which I’ve not mentioned here before, I cannot move on without a few words.

First, my point of view in this case is simple. The girl goes to class to be taught, not to practice religion. So if using the full-face niqab hinders the teaching, she has no right to use it if the teacher decides that she shouldn’t be using it.

Fortunately, there are still people in this world with some sense of justice and this is one of them. Like we, in Portugal at least, do not let our students go with caps to classes, not even for religious excuses, it would be even worse to have a girl wearing a full-face niqab in classes. We could go into a major discussion regarding the use of caps in classes but I don’t want to go into it right now (I don’t have a well-thought opinion on this) but I know that some teachers I had prohibited it.

Still, although the muslim girl lost, the girl behind the muslim connotation wins the case…
Moreover, should I ask, like Dawkins does, why is the girl called muslim??? Does she want to be a muslim? Oh well, she’s not a muslim… the poor little girl had just the bad luck to be born from muslim parents (and exchange muslim here by catholics, christians, jews or whatever you feel like) and so she’s, by default, one of them!


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