February 24, 2007

The Way to Enlightenment [Part II]

Posted in Linux at 1:25 pm by pmatos

Basic Programs & Configuration

Ok, so we have a usable system but it’s quite rude to use it like this without any tweaking, configuration or side-apps which will improve your user experience. So, basically in what follows I’ll install and configure some basic apps and I’ll leave configuration of Enlightenment itself for Part III.


First we need a terminal. If we really want “full” enlightenment get eterm sources from:
http://www.eterm.org/ or using gentoo:

$ emerge eterm

(couldn’t be more simple!)

Now, this is a hell of a terminal and configuration is not so simple so I’ll leave that for part IV. Still you can already start one with the default options:

Now get this magic app: GKrellm2 which is a monitor which seats on your desktop and informs you of what is going on.

If also has some pretty nice plugins which you can install to do more that what is initially programmed to and a set of themes so you can change its look to better fit your style. So, again, you can find it’s page here: http://members.dslextreme.com/users/billw/gkrellm/gkrellm.html to install from source or if you’re using gentoo:

$ emerge -av gkrellm gkrellm-plugins gkrellm-themes

After this everything is installed and I advise you to start the gkrellmd daemon at the beginning so:

$ rc-update add gkrellmd default
$ /etc/init.d/gkrellmd start

will install the daemon in the default runlevel and start it. Now, fire up eterm and do

$ gkrellm2 &
$ exit

will start gkrellm2 and exit the terminal without quitting the application (of course, we will have to set up enlightenment to start this whenever E16 itself starts but that I’ll leave for Part III, among other gkrellm2 tweaks).

I like to have it on my top right part of the screen so I just drag it there and right click it to get to the configuration window which should look like this:

The options are pretty straightforward to set as are the plugins and the ones I’ll describe are biased to my taste, suit yourself when picking options and plugins for you.

No sensors. I enable the 24hour clock with seconds shown. CPU is left untouched. Enable my disk usage graph, disable net ppp0, disable mail check, enable battery time and uptime.
I didn’t setup any plugins.

This is just a very quick review of what I did. It by no means is conformant with this gkrellm shot or with your system. Just choose those you prefer.

And finally I selected the Invisible theme.


aDesklets is a nice thing for your desktop. Mainly I want two desklets: photo and yab. First get adesklets from the site or:

$ emerge adesklets

Then let’s install the desklets:

$ adesklets -i

Select the desklets you wish to install and that’s it, they’ll be automagically installed to your home dir.

Get to the terminal and run the scripts corresponding to the desklets you wish to start, in my case:

$ .desklets/photo-0.0.5/photo.py
$ .desklets/yab-0.0.2/yab.py

Press r in both for register them. Now start adesklets

$ adesklets

and the desklets should appear in your desktop every time you start adesklets.

KeyBindings Editor

Now, let’s one of my favourite feature working: Keybindings.
Get e16keyedit from http://www.enlightenment.org/ or:

$ emerge -av e16keyedit

Well, now, run it! You get as you can see a whole bunch of already defined keybindings. I define a bunch of other to run applications I commonly use without accessing the menus. Emacs, DrScheme, Firefox and Eterm:

I’ve zoomed a bit so you can see what I configured:

The usage is really simple, you just select a key, a modifier and an action. Remember to click on “New Keybinding” each time you start creating a new one and on save at the end, otherwise they’ll no be saved!

If you are confused by the Eterm line, don’t worry, I’ll explain it in Part IV and I’ll also what goes into .eterm.cfg. :-)

Next we’ll configure enlightenment itself, along with some udev rules and an easy way to mount devices.


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