March 12, 2007

The High Lord (by: Trudi Canavan)

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The High Lord: The Black Magician Trilogy Book Three by Trudi Canavan

Personal Comments:

I’ve just finished this book during this night. Well, I must say that since friday I read non-stop 350 of the 650 pages of this book. I just couldn’t stop. Not only I knew I was finishing the trilogy but I also was completely stuck to the action and adventure surrounding the main characters of this book. Definitely, I can say that book 3, this one is the best one of the trilogy. Not only due to the amount of magic action surrounding the whole story but also because there was no boring stories or endless rescues like there was on the previous books (although as I already mentioned, the other books are great).

The end, however, is nothing like I imagined it to be. Everything pointed out to a specific ending until about chapter 38 (of 39). In chapter 38 everythings changes and you feel a little bit depressed, but surely enough the epilogue comes to the rescue. I’ve already been thinking who should be the actors for the main parts of a movie trilogy made from the books. :-) I would have Scarlett Johansson (she would have to paint her hair) as Sonea, Tom Cruise as Akarin, and Richard Gere as Rothen and Matt Damon as Dorrien for the main parts… heheh Wouldn’t that be nice!

I got really thrilled when I heard Trudi is preparing a prequel and a sequel to the trilogy which should be out by the end of 2008. Isn’t that great?!? Well, I recommend you all reading this trilogy. It’s really awesome. I won’t be forgetting the main characters so soon… they really became part of my life in the last couple of months. Thank you Trudi.


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  1. Marco Campos said,

    I reckon that Tom Cruise will be taken by aliens before that happens if you catch my drift :D

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