April 7, 2007

SATSCheme… A new Project!

Posted in Programming, SAT, Scheme at 11:40 am by pmatos

SATSCheme is a new project by myself and a colleague of mine to develop 2 SAT Solvers, one in C and other in PLT Scheme. I’ve setup  a blog for the project. This way if you’re interested in the developments you just have to subscribe the feed. From the Scheme perspective, it’ll be nice to see how Scheme GC will cope with the constant memory allocation usually performed by a SAT Solver, and how easy it will be to implement it. Moreover, it’ll be nice to compare it to the C version performance-wise and memory-wise. Other than that, the amount of locs will also be an interest analysis. Well, I’m sure there’ll be a huge space for discussion not only about the code itself but also about the SAT algorithms and structures. Hope you keep an eye at the page. Regarding major announcements, I’ll post them around here also.



  1. Paul said,

    I tried to subscribe to the feed, but got a 404 error page. I use Firefox on WinXP.
    File does not exist: /home/groups/s/sa/satscheme/htdocs/blog/feed/

  2. pmatos said,

    This project is dead. Try:
    which is a similar one.

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