April 7, 2007

Upload feature in WP hosted by SF

Posted in Computers, Linux at 11:28 am by pmatos

As part of a new project which is hosted at SF, I decided to create a blog there using WP. Installation was quite simple since you have a lot of information available from SF regarding the shell and mysql server so everything went smoothly but then I couldn’t upload any files to the blog! :-(

“Damn”, I though… So, I remembered that it was obvious there was a permission problem with the


directory. I logged in the shell server and chmoded to 755… didn’t work so I tried 775, still not working …. tried 777 and damn… not working!

The solution is not straightforward, so if you do not want to waste the time I did, here’s the solution.

So, tried several things… but they were not working so after several half hours or searching, giving up, searching, giving up… I posted a support request at sourceforge and they finally I got that:


The project group mounts are done read-only on the webservers, please


The fix is to create a directory in /tmp/persistent with your project’s
UNIX name, and then use that directory for any file reading/writing.

So, this seemed the solution but it is not. I created a directory in


for my project but then I needed to tell wordpress that the uploads directory was outside the WP dir which is not possible. After several tries, the solution is to setup the directory to be


and create a symbolic link uploads in wp-content to the directory you created in


. This will work, I don’t think you’ll get there using any other solution, without modifying a WP code itself.


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