April 16, 2007

Comment Moderation Guide

Posted in Life at 10:29 pm by pmatos

  1. Respect;
  2. Name Disclosure;
  3. Valid Email Disclosure;

These are, from now on, the three things I will ask from people commenting on this blog. On a weekly basis I receive several emails which go against the second and the third (which I allowed) and several more going against the first (which I deleted) (most of them are Instituto Superior Técnico students, incapable of writing up their own opinion with respect for others).

I will, on an intuitive basis check for the validity of the Name of the commentators and I’ll check for the validity of their email by sending them one email manually which they should reply to see their comment on my blog. Some people, which I already know as respectful, like people from Planeta*, Planet Scheme and some friends, even when commenting on an opinion different than theirs and those will not need confirmation. To the others: I’m sorry but you’ll have to reply to my email confirming yours so that I can post your comment until you get into my whitelist.

Comments deleted by one of these reasons will be recorded on the respective posts and the reason for deletion for the authors record, with a link to this guide.

(Unfortunately, some students heading for higher education in Portugal are lacking even the bare minimum of a good education, and I’ve ran out of patience for these. To all the others, I’m sorry if you’re hit by this inconvenience.)


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  1. Mário Lopes said,

    I had to do precisely the same. This anonymous non-sense went too far.

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