May 20, 2007

Mind the…

Posted in Life at 4:01 pm by pmatos


Mind the Gap is one of the most famous quotes in London and whereabouts. Coming for the subway stations in London, “Mind the Gap” warns the passengers of the gap between the trains and the platforms. In fact, today no unusual big gaps are to found, yet in the past when the stations were built in curves big gaps existed between trains and platforms so a sign was needed to warn passengers of it. A mate, Federico [aka Fede], which came to Southampton for 4 months during his PhD in Spain is leaving and he is unusually fond of “Mind the Gap” to which I often reply “Do not leave your bagage unattended” [it will be removed and maybe destroyed], the warning usually heard at English airports.

Fede said yesterday in his farewell dinner : “You have a lot of sections in your blog. Are you crazy mad?”. Oh well, the only thing I can say to you is:

“Mind the Sections”

 Edit: Fede just told me that he has not said “Are you crazy?” but said “Are you mad?”. Since that changes everything with regard to this post I felt I needed to change this to honor his words.


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