May 21, 2007

What if… the other way around!

Posted in Life at 9:35 am by pmatos

What about if Santa Claus had the same spiritual essence as God?

  • Santa Claus would be praised during the whole year;
  • Nobody had even seen him, or knew how he is like, because he never showed up except for the time where he sent his son to be killed for all human sins;
  • We would have to go to a church where people gather to hear a guy talk about Santa Claus, his kindness, his greatness, his…;
  • But on the other hand, nobody would receive any presents at no time during the year but instead would be nice to give some money to the guy who has a direct line with him (the guy at the church) and some of us would even pilgrimages;
  • Most of the time when talking about Santa Claus we would be either very serious, crying, or deeply depressed;
  • Santa Claus would not travel with his nice reins, he would be everywhere so he need not to be travel anywhere;
  • People would think that if they do behave, they will go to live with Santa Claus for all eternity… those badly behaved would probably go to live with the Grinch;
  • And incredibly, people of all ages, children, teens, adults and elderlies would believe he exists;

I could go on and on but isn’t it amusing that people are able to deeply believe in God and at the same time know for certain that ‘obviously’ Santa Claus doesn’t exist? Oh, I know what you’re thinking… Santa Claus doesn’t come to put presents on my shoe…. it was my [gran]dad. Ok, but you could believe, they were spiritually forced by Santa Claus holly spirit which is somewhere, or [errr] everywhere, to do that by cheering up the spirits [brought down by God].



  1. jpc said,

    But does somebody really object the idea of a spirit that cheers up the present givers?

    Believing in real Santa Claus giving presents IS totally different from believing in a spirit that only encourages people to give presents. :-)

  2. Mário Lopes said,

    Stephen Hawking, Einstein and many more genius physics believe in God.

    Funny enough, and after a phase of absence and doubt, my belifs started recovering when a portuguese physics professor once told me that it’s when you see the smallest particle and, still, all its complexity, that you acknowledge that Maths and Physics only explain what God created.

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