May 21, 2007

What if…

Posted in Life at 9:35 am by pmatos

… God had the same spiritual essence as Santa Claus?

  • It would be great because there would be a very well-defined season during the year to speak about God, and afterwards it would be nonsense to speak about him;
  • During that season we would be offering presents to each other;
  • We wouldn’t need to go to the church, God would come into our houses;
  • Our parents would fake being God and when we got to be old enough, we would be told that there was no God at all and it was all just for the fun of it;
  • God would be synonymous for happiness and well-being and when talking about him, we would be happy and celebrating;
  • Every one would be happy to know that God goes to the skies with the help of his reins, instead of having (his son, or himself, depending on how you interpret Jesus), mutilated, tortured and stuck to a cross to pay for all Human sins;
  • People would be using all around the world a figure of an old man with long white beard, a happy face with a huge smile instead of a dying man stuck to a cross in their neck.


  1. nuno said,

    god is not stuck in a cross. dont confuse god with a men. :)

  2. I prefer the Flying Spaghetti Monster myself. :)

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