June 28, 2007

Getting my fingers busy…

Posted in Life, Music at 8:38 pm by pmatos

guitar-symbol-small.png As you may already know from previous post I’ve started to learn to play the classical guitar in the beginning of the year. I’ve been playing with a guitar from a friend of mine… thanks John! But I decided to finally get one of my own!

So after a couple of searches online I decided my self by a concert guitar: Admira Solista. Obviously I would need some accessories to warm up:

Then, I just went to look for the price at DigitalVillage. In fact, there were many cheap things there compared to other places online, so I’ve decided to give DV a try and sent them an email asking if they had the 4 items in stock, so I could order them to the Southampton shop and get them myself (I was not too comfortable in getting a guitar posted by mail). Unfortunately at the time they didn’t have it. So, I kept searching for other stores online and I found the case cheaper and tuner cheaper on other places so I frowned and decided to send them an email:

Dear all at DV247,

I was searching for the following products which I want to buy:
Case : http://www.dv247.com/invt/34869/
Tuner : http://www.dv247.com/invt/35532/ Foot Rest:
Guitar: http://www.dv247.com/invt/24528/

However, the tuner is 12£ in:

and the case is 45£ in:

In case, you sell me at these prices, I’m willing to buy it all from DV247.

Since I’m from Southampton, and your Southampton store doesn’t sell guitars, I’ll probably have to buy only, I’ll be waiting for a reply before purchasing anything.


After a while I got an email from Richard Bottom from the Southampton store with the news:

Hello Paulo

We can match those prices for you.

And that was that! :-) The result? See for yourself:

In the end I bought it all with a few 240£, definitely excellent value for price. Definitely, regarding music… go for DV!

Since my first post on music I’ve found 3 nice things for classical guitarists and musicians in general which is worth noting:

And now… I’ll definitely keep my finger busy!



  1. bluesboy said,

    Excelente compra! Também tenho uma Admira, muito bom som, “cheio”, mas ao mesmo tempo com boa definição nos agudos.

    Links que acho interessantes:


    http://www.guitarzone.com/w/Main_Page (o velhinho gutartabs.cc)

    http://www.power-tab.net/ (programa de leitura de tablaturas – pauta spara guitarra. Reproduz a pauta em midi)

    Para aquelas compras “menores” (cordas, produtos de limpeza, etc.):

  2. bluesboy said,

    Ops… esquece o último link, só agora percebi que não estás em Portugal :)

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