July 8, 2007

Cheap, Cheap…

Posted in Computers, Life at 12:57 pm by pmatos

“10 dolla… 10 dolla, cheap cheap!” is a quote that will always remind me of Richard Gere in an “Officer and a Gentleman”, great movie!

This post, which was motivated by the the following cartoon is about other issues:

(Click to Enlarge)

One of the great things about buying online is that you are able to go to each shop and check the cheapest place. For example, now, each time I go to HMV, or Virgin I’m just unable to buy on site due to the question “What if is cheaper on Amazon or somewhere else?”.

On the net, I gain control… I buy whenever, wherever and when it’s really really cheap so I can easily find bargains like the 1st Complete Season of Sex and the City by 9.97£. For searching such bargains I do the following:

  1. Check my Amazon Wishlists, order by price;
  2. Check the price of the cheapest items;
  3. Search for them at HMV;
  4. Search for them at Virgin online;
  5. Search for them (if they are dvds) at DVD Price Check;
  6. Search for them at 123 Price Check;

Happy Shopping… (and never buy without checking at least these two last sites, for books you might also try AddAll)!


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