July 8, 2007

Chuck Norris Facts…

Posted in Life at 1:10 pm by pmatos

On Chuck Norris Facts Site you can find a lot of funny Chuck Norris facts but you can’t find this:




  1. Dextro said,

    That Chuck Norris is weak, I would respond with this Chuck Norris instead:

    THE Chuck Norris Magic Card! :P

    • brian sutton said,

      chuck norris will find you

  2. D. Peace said,

    Will the Chuck Norris meme ever die? I can only hope that no, it won’t.

  3. jason said,

    thats a funny card but whats his attack and defense!!!!!

  4. Mike Crain said,

    lol my Chuck Norris magic card. I wonder how it got to people I don’t even know.

  5. Daniel Jason said,

    Someone once said “the things we can’t see are the things that scare us the most.” Bad news for him, soon after that quote was made chuck Norris was born, and unfortunately, Chuck could be seen. You figure out the rest.

  6. arturito said,

    Check this one out: http://chucknorrisfacts.co.uk
    LOL. Facts are categorised and there are some really good ones.

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